Ultra Sonic Cleaning Machines

NEOSONIC range of ultrasonic units are manufactured to a high standard. All our units are fitted with the latest MOFSET circuitry, developed with 20 years experience. The constant power produced is converted to high frequency sound waves via piezoelectric ceramic crystals bonded to the base of the stainless steel tank. NEOSONIC systems operate using heated water based ultrasonic cleaning detergents which are inexpensive to run and environmentally friendly.

NEOSONIC systems are available in standard sizes ranging from: 5 litres up to 200 litres and bespoke systems can be manufactured to practically any size to suit the customers particular needs. (The image below shows the transducers bonded to the base of the inner tank).

All the units come complete with stainless steel basket and lid. WCC can also supply multi-stage cleaning systems and for heavy component cleaning units can be fitted with pneumatic lift for easy load/unload and submersible ultrasonic pads.

NEOSONIC systems can also be fitted with filtration and weirs for oil separation.

Ultrasonic units can be used for:

  • Electronic circuit board manufacturing
  • Precision automotive component cleaning
  • Use in engineering or garage workshops
  • General engineering parts prior to strip down and rebuild

Neosonic Machine Specifications:

Neosonic Bench Top Specifications

Neosonic Industrial Specifications

NEOSONIC Ultra Sonic Cleaning Machines

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