Secondhand & Refurbished BUPI Machines

Walsall Chemical can offer when available fully refurbished BUPI CLEANER equipment, all machines under go thorough restoration including removal of all electrics including control panel, heating elements, turntable motor and wash pump for complete overhaul.

The spray bars are removed for cleaning and replaced if required, the machine body is then shot blasted externally and internally to remove all internal scale and to produce a good external finish for re-painting.

Any damaged external panels are replaced, wash pumps are completely overhauled and mechanical seals replaced along with heating elements and friction drive wheel, door seal and any other electrical components which are faulty.

The machine is then re-fitted and tested before despatch, cost of a refurbished machine is generally around half the cost of new equipment.

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Refurbishing of a BUPI Spray Cleaner

Used machine unrefurbished
Interior cleaned & shot blasted
BUPI spray cleaner stripped & shot blasted
Stripped & shot blasted
Undercoated body
Body resprayed
Interior is refurbed and painted
Finished machine
Completely refurbished BUPI spray clear

Our team of qualified engineers can carry out repairs, breakdowns as well as do your annual servicing of all BUPI machines, as well as the installation on your premises of your new equipment. We also carry a full range of BUPI CLEANER parts and spares.

Our engineers will service, fix breakdowns and do repairs

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