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The Early Day's

The images below were captured at our Kendricks Road site in Darlaston and are believed to date back to 1966. In “the early days” we installed a 250 kilo capacity tumble powder blender which rotated whilst the centre shaft fitted with blades rotated in the opposite direction. Raw materials would be loaded in to the hatch on the top and after a 15 - 20 minutes mixing time the finished product would be discharged from the mucon iris diaphragm valve on the base of the vessel.

Tumble Powder Blender being operated
Old powder blender

Present Day

The images below are from our current powder blending facility, as you can see we switched from the tumble powder blending process to a 500 kilo capacity U trough powder blending or ribbon blending process. This type of blending operates with a double helical ribbon agitator (see image right). During the blending operation, the outer ribbons of the agitator move the material from the ends to the centre while the inner ribbons move the material from the centre to ends. Mixing is generally achieved within 15 to 20 minutes of start-up with a 90 to 95% or better homogeneity. Till this day we still employ the mucon iris diaphragm valve as we believe it to be the most reliable for our process.

Ribbon powder blender
powder blending process

Contract Hire Available Shortly

After 50 years in the business, we are proud to announce new products and services that Walsall Chemical will be offering their clients and future clients.

Shortly we'll be offering the option of contract hire of our comprehensive range of specialist cleaning equipment for the remanufacturing industries. The range will consist of standard part washers, High pressure part washers, top and front loading spray wash machines, basic heated tanks for soaking, and ultrasonic cleaning tanks.

In addition to this, our collaberation with a local company means we will be able to offer waste disposal ona contact basis.

Below are some of the machines that we'll be able to offer for hire.

Contact Hire of Industrial Part Cleaners & Washers

Launch of Neospray EL1000

For many years Walsall Chemical have been supplying the highly popular Neospray SL2000 (Superior Life) Universal Spray Wash Detergent Powder. Neospray SL2000 was in the main formulated for offering long life cleaning where machines are running for 4 to 8 week periods between clean-outs.

This suggested to us the need for an economy life product for operations that are being cleaned out on a more regular basis. The new Neospray EL1000 (Economy Life) Universal Spray Wash Detergent Powder will offer the same level of cleaning performance at a more cost effective price.

TEL: 01902 632617

Neospray EL1000 - universal spray wash detergent powder

Neosonic - Ultasonic CleanersUltrasonic Cleaning Machines

Room temperature metal blacking

BUPI Spray Cabinet Cleaner