Black Diamond Metal Blacking Solutions

Room Temperature Metal Blacking

Black Diamond Solutions offer a comprehensive range of chemical metal blacking solutions.

Both our Black Diamond and Black Diamond NF products offer an efficient, superb quality and cost effective finish for Iron and Steel.

We also offer a wide range of Pre-Treatment products including our Black Diamond S8000 Degreaser and Black Diamond Conditioner Solution. For stubborn Oil and Grease deposits speak to us about our range of ultrasonic cleaning equipment and detergents. Our post treatment products include Black Diamond DW21 and Black Diamond CCI1376 dewatering oils.

Agents / Distributors

We currently have product Agents / Distributors Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Italy & South Africa. Should you have an interest in promoting our products then please do not hesitate to contact us.

The Process

Metal Blacking Kits

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Plant Equipment

We always recommend that filtration is fitted to the larger blacking tanks to filter out the sediment produced by the process.

The image shows a plant with 68 litre (600 x 425 x 425 mm) process tanks. However the blacking tank (the blue tank in the photo) is 665 x 490 x 510 mm, and has a capacity of 90 litres.

Our oil tanks are produced from mild steel and are designed with a false bottom to allow displaced Water to settle in the void under the main storage area. It can then be periodically drained off.

They also have a drain stand to allow excess oil to return to the tank. All tanks have outlet valves and rinse tanks have overflows

Metal blacking plant equipment

If you require any additional information on Plant and Equipment or would like to arrange a representetive to call to demonstrate our products then please do not hessitate to contact us.