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Some Things About Walsall Chemical ...

Walsall Chemical over 50 years in businessEstablished in 1965 Walsall Chemical offer over 50 years experience in the manufacture of quality specialist cleaning and metal treatment chemicals for the component manufacturing and remanufacturing industries, these include automotive, locomotive, aerospace and heavy plant.

Over the years we have established a large export market and we now export regularly throughout Europe including Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Slovenia, Slovakia and Russia as well as worldwide.

Our product range includes spray wash detergents for enclosed wash systems, ultrasonic cleaning detergents, rust and scale removers, user-friendly paint removers and decarbonisers, soak cleaners, rust inhibitors, surface treatment processes such as the Black Diamond room temperature metal blacking process and various phosphate products and metal working fluids such as cutting, grinding and honing fluids.

BUPI CLeaners ...

In addition to our own product range we are also proud to be the U.K. distributor for BUPI CLEANER who have more than 14,000 systems for industrial parts cleaning both in national and international markets and are amongst the leaders of there industry.

Established in 1954 BUPI CLEANER wash machines are renowned for there robust build quality and reliability.    Read More

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