Some Things About Walsall Chemical ...

The Walsall Chemical Company Limited has been in existence for over 48 years. In which time we have built up a strong and healthy family run business, and are still serving the globe with various water based spray & soak cleaners, ultra-sonic cleaners, decarbonisers, paint removers, ph neutral rust removers, rust inhibitors and aqueous chemical cleaning products.

The below images are of a BUPI POWERTEC 7 HP lift door wash machine which was installed at Finning UK July 2014 for the cleaning of Caterpillar earth moving machinery. This machine has a basket size of 2250 mm square with a component load height of 815 mm. The component load capacity is 1500 kilos. For more information visit our BUPI CLEANER page or for queries please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

BUPI POWERTEC 7 HP, Industrial Spray Wash Machine

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