Walsall Chemical Nickel Free Blacking

Walsall Chemical Company will celebrate its 50th Anniversary in 2015 which says a lot in its self!

Walsall Chemical 50th AnniversaryOur product range has vastly changed over these years from being mainly solvent based to now being mainly aqueous, user-friendly type products. Walsall Chemical Company now exports high quality products all over the globe including Africa, The Middle East, Scandinavia and Central Europe.

Our main supply sector is component remanufacturing which includes rail, commercial, marine & aviation engine, transmission & turbo remanufacturers with various water based spray & soak cleaners, decarbonisers, paint removers, ph neutral rust removers & rust inhibitors to name a few.

Walsall Chemical are proud to be sole U.K. agents for Bupi Golser wash machines from Austria as well as agents Magido wash machines of Italy. We also offer own Neosonic range of stainless steel ultrasonic cleaning machines.

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